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LED Lights - A Boom for Innovative Photography

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For many years photography did not see any technological changes that would ‘rock the industry’. Computer graphics allowed for some very unique and eye catching ‘photos’, but to true photographers, these were not photographs.

True photographers want to photograph scenes or people that are at once compelling and unique. Before the advent of led lights, lighting equipment was cost prohibitive, large and bulky, and required an in-depth knowledge to be used correctly.

Led lights and lighting can be used by the most amateur photographer to produce stunning results. They are literally cheap to buy, and one does not need an entire room to set up lighting that can produce award-winning pictures.

Lets take a look at two ways to create unusual and unique photographs that can easily be done inexpensively in the home.

Create a 'Halo' Around the Subject

Materials needed:

  • Small string of led lights (color or white)
  • Velcro
  • Camera lens

Attach the Velcro to the end of the lens you are going to use.
Attach the string of led lights to the Velcro, having about 1/8th of an inch of the light protrude past the end of the lens.
Shoot a picture, with the subject centered in the frame.
The resulting picture will have the subject in the center of a circle of light. Experiment with different colors of light to get the effect that you like best.

Have an Object Appear to be Sitting on a Ring of Light

Materials needed:

  • White led light
  • Black Straw
  • Electrical tape

I found that a led key chain light works great for this technique.
Attach the black straw to the led light – use electrical tape to attach.
Turn the light on and see the focused long beam that you have created.
Place the light so that it is aimed at the bottom of the object.
Shoot the picture.
The object bottom appears to be sitting on a ring of light!

Try aiming a lampshade that is filled with led lights at a subject or object and take a picture; experiment with warm and cool colors, or a combination.

Allow your imagination to run wild – be creative. After all, you are a photographer.

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