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camera settings explained

Camera Settings Explained
ISO, Aperture, Exposure and the plethora of other settings and adjustments on your camera can be extremely overwhelming and confusing for beginners. Fear not, we have everything you need to know.

how to choose a lens

How To Choose A Lens
A single lens can cost anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand dollars. We'll break down the differences of these lenses, explain why some are so expensive, and even recommend a few lenses to you.

lens filters explained

Lens Filters Explained
Filters can help bring your shots to the next level. Whether it be a circular polarizer to enhance colors and remove reflections, a star filter to add an amazing light effect, or a UV filter to cut through far off haze.

megapixels explained

Megapixels Explained
How many megapixels is enough? We explain that and more, such as the specifics of what megapixels actually are, and what they mean.

point and shoot vs digital slr

Point and Shoot vs Digital SLR
Do you really need the versatility and flexibility of a Digital SLR to take the type of photographs that you want, or would a cheaper point and shoot fit you fine?

photographic composition

Photographic Composition
Properly composing your photographs is the biggest part of photography. Following the Rule of Thirds and other composition rules will enhance your photographs tenfold.

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